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Pictures are of John and Vera Packhard, the founders of Vision Africa. Above: When they visited us in 2008 and right: In Kenya.

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Vision Africa website

Hello my name is Christine.

Vision Africa is one of the main charities which my church supports and I have the responsibility of being this charity's representative in the congregation.   John and Vera Packard, the charity's founders, have visited our church on several occasions and  we have all been impressed by their passion for the plight of Kenyan children, especially in the slums of Kibera.  As a result we have developed a particular interest in the work of Vision Africa.   I'm in regular contact with the charity administrators and receive supplies of calendars, cards, gift catalogue and sponsor forms,  which I make available to those in my church.  It all helps to provide boys and girls with an education and work-skills to lift them out of the grinding poverty into which they were born.  

The mainstay of my work is encouraging people to sponsor individual children.  In this way we can provide a reliable financial support for schooling.   In return a personal connection is made through knowing who it is you are supporting. You are provided with a picture of your sponsored child.  In addition, I also provide collection boxes which can be taken home and filled with loose change and returned when full.  One of the most pleasing aspects of Vision Africa is knowing that because administration fees are kept very low, over 99% of all money donated goes to the children.  There are not many charities that can make this claim!  I really enjoy doing my little bit for the children in Kenya and am thrilled when I manage to gain another sponsor.   

Vision Africa 10 years

John Packard’s tribute to Joseph Timeron, an exceptional fund raiser