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Welcome to our missionary interview page.

It is very difficult now for our Nazarene missionaries to visit our local churches on a regular basis. We do have thousands of churches around the world and there are not enough missionaries to go around! Missionaries are often taking shorter furloughs so that they are not away from their ministry for too long a time, and often the only service where we might gain a good attendance for their visit is on a Sunday morning. Gone are the days when we would get a good midweek attendance to a missionary service.

In view of all these things, we decided to interview a missionary on location. Three members of our church plus my brother were privileged to join the Nazarene Theological College’s study course in Israel. We visited with the Rev Lyndell Browning in his home in Jerusalem. He was very happy to do an interview for us. He gave his consent to make this available over the Internet. Sadly his wife Kay was not with him as she was visiting family at the time.

Below are two interviews lasting about 15 minutes each. If you have any problems viewing these do let us know via the contact page. I found I needed to refresh the Internet page before being able to view them.

I believe that this is a way in which we can learn more about our missionaries and keep up to date on their ministry and prayer needs. I would suggest that if you are visiting a missionary or have one at your church, do an interview so that other churches can profit from this.

May these interviews be a blessing to you. And do pray for Lyndell and Kay in the Middle East.

Pastor Don

Lyndell Browning Interviews

Interview One

Interview Two

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