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On this page you can listen to or download the weekly sermon, view or download the monthly calendar, Nazarene Manual and the UK Nazarene’s ‘Together Magazine’.

To view the calendar and Nazarene manual, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer.  This is a free programme, which is often pre-installed, however if it is not installed it can be downloaded here


Monthly Calendar (pdf)

February 2018

To view or download a copy of the 2013-2017 Nazarene Manual:

Pastor Augustine (Mark 8:31-38) Christianity and self-denial


Pastor Augustine (John 10:1-21) Jesus our good shepherd

11 Feb 18

Pastor Augustine (Mark 4:35-41 & Luke 18:1-8) Let Jesus be the Lord over the storm in your life

4 Feb 18

Pastor Augustine (Matt 4:12-25) Are you ready to heed the call of Jesus?

21 Jan 18

Pastor Augustine (Matt 3:13 - 4:11) Jesus Baptism and Preparation for Ministry

14 Jan 18

Pastor Augustine (Matt 3:1-12)  Radical call for change

7 Jan 18

Pastor Augustine (Matt 2:1-23) The love of God and wickedness of man

31 Dec 17

Pastor Augustine (Luke 1:39-66) John the Baptist

24 Dec 17

Pastor Augustine (Numbers 21:4-9  and John 3:14-16)  The bronze snake

26 Nov 17

Pastor Augustine (Phil 2:12-18)  Faith versus Works

5 Nov 17

Pastor Augustine (Romans 1:1-17 & Phil 3:6-11) 500th Anniversary of Luther’s 95 theses

29 Oct 17

Revd. Augustine Baah: (1 Corinthians 15:1-34) The implications of Jesus’ resurrection for our life

22 Oct 17

Revd. Augustine Baah: (Matt: 6:5-15) speaking on prayer and forgiveness

24 Sept 17

Paul Fox speaking at our Harvest service

17th Sept 17

Graham Maddision  (Luke 7:36-50)  Guilt, Grace, Gratitude.  The Christian message.

10 Sept 17

Rev’d Augustine Baah (Eph 1:1-14) Listen to God in prayer

27 Aug 17

Noel McGivern (Romans 12:17:18) As far as it be within you, live in peace

20 Aug 17

Rev’d Augustine Baah (1Peter 1:1-12) Perseverance in the faith

13 Aug 17

Rev’d Augustine Baah (1Timothy 5:1-8)

6 Aug 17

Ian Mitchell  (1 Samuel 16:1-13)  The anointing David

23 July 17

Fiona Wilson,  Youth Pastor from North Watford Church of the Nazarene

16 July 17

If you have missed a Sunday message, you can listen again from the list below.  The sound files are Mp3 files. Your selected message may play immediately from within the browser, it may play using your default media player or may be downloaded first before playing. Which ever way your particular browser responds, please allow a few moments for a selected sermon to start.  If desired, a sermon can be downloaded to your computer for listening at a later date. To do this ‘right-click’ on the underlined date link and select the option (depending on your browser) ‘save target as’, ‘save file as’ or ‘save link as’ from the popup menu. Important: Select and remember the location of the sound file on your computer (usually within ‘My documents’ or ‘downloads’). If you access this page regularly you may need to refresh your browser (press F5) to make it look at the website afresh instead of displaying its stored copy.

Together Magazine: Winter 2017


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