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Once in the car park, please do not follow the signs to the school’s main entrance.  The way is blocked by an electronically operated entrance gate to which we have no access.  Instead we use the hall’s side entrance.  This entrance is not immediately obvious to new visitors, but hopefully the picture to the left will help you locate it.  

Though the school does have disabled access equipment and we are willing and able to assist, the design of the hall denies us a clear view of the car park even though we have a greeter at the door keeping a lookout.  

If you have a helper, the situation is not too difficult, just ask them to make your presence known and we will do the rest.

If you are a lone wheel-chair user the situation is a little more difficult because there is a raised curb to the path leading to the hall’s side entrance (see picture).  As there will be a steady flow of people going down the path to the entrance door please wait by the curb in the chevroned area and inform anyone passing that you wish to attend our service and need assistance.  It is also possible that the person welcoming at the door may spot you waiting. Once the Stewards are aware of your presence then we will help you access the hall.    

The easiest way to get to us, if coming from outside of King's Lynn, is to stay on the Bypass and head towards Hunstanton/Cromer (A149).

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SATNAV - PE30 3EQ Number 45.  This will take you take to The One Stop shop, which is 30 metres or so before the school turning. This postcode is more accurate than school’s actual postcode of PE30 3SF, which takes you down a dead-end road behind the shops.  

We meet at Reffley Community School Hall on Sunday mornings and Reffley Community Hall twice a month in the evening.  Both venues are close to each other on Reffley Lane. Lane.


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