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Welcome to our Website

Whether this is your first time or you are a regular visitor it is good to have you here. We hope your visit will help you to understand the kind of church we are and some of the things we do.  

We are very much a community church with most of our congregation living in the local area, but we do have some members who travel to be with us. If you live nearby or you will be visiting our town, we would be most happy to see you.

The International Church of the Nazarene, of which we are a part, has over 1.8 million members in some 14,000 congregations and is at work in 155 world areas. We are a world-wide church.

Denominationally, we are an evangelical church in the Wesleyan holiness tradition, which has its roots in the Methodism of John and Charles Wesley.

In the UK the Nazarene church is divided into two districts: British Isles South District and British Isles North District. The Kings Lynn church is one of 48 churches in the South District comprised of churches in England and Wales. The North District is comprised of 37 churches and covers Northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. You can follow some of the links to learn about the national and worldwide church.

Do feel free to use the feed-back page if you want to contact us or learn more about our church and Jesus.  

But whoever you are and wherever you are from, may the Lord bless you.

Vision Statement:

To Be and Make Christ-like Disciples in Our World

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